Device offline according to Comodo, but it's on and online with other RMM's.

Hello everyone! Looking to use Comodo as a backup RMM - maybe switch over to it as primary. Anyway, I have a few devices that show up as offline, but they are certainly powered on and connected to the Internet and I can reach them with Teamviewer and Splashtop. Any ideas? Looks like the services for Comodo communicator is running, (The ITSMService and ItsmRsp) and I’ve tried restarting them, but no dice. Anything else I can try? Just curious.

I know with Atera RMM, you have to restart the Atera service ALL THE TIME or the Splashtop Service in order to connect. Just wondering if Comodo has the same problem. Thanks!!!

Make sure the ports are open on the endpoint:

EU server:
US server:,-Host-Names-and-Port-Details---US-Customers.html

Other devices on the same LAN are online according to Comodo, but I’ll check if Windows firewall is blocking. Thanks!