device search by IP address

Could we please have a way to search in the device list by (private) IP address?

Use case: using Cwatch SIEM. Want to know what device it is so I can dig a little further, Cwatch gives me the IP but it would be useful to know if it’s a device we’re managing. Right now if I have the EDR agent on the devices I can search there to find out what IP is what hostname.

Anyway, it would just be nice to do a quick search from Device List based on the private IP address. Thanks!

Hello @indieserve ,

I wanted to inform you that this feature in our roadmap and it is aimed to be delivered in the mid-term rather than 2018Q3. Sorry for the confusion.

Thank you

Thanks Ayhan!

Liking the idea!
Hunting for those horrible network traffic devices can be a pain.