Device status bar

Remind you about ideas of few months ago, with picture as you like :slight_smile:

How about this (look picture)?

Looking at device list and see:
A - Device has no any backup (non-scheduled backup is yellow, Green - Acronis backup is existing and automated).
HDD - Device’s HDD status is good (yellow - low disk space, red - SMART critical events)
V - viruses alerts on device.

Also will be helpful filtering by statuses. For example, show me devices with HDD critical errors or where we has no scheduled backup process.

Status icons may be clickable:
A - run Acronis console with chosen device page
HDD - I dont know, for now no special device-health page
V - run ITSM’s security section with selected device page.

And create dashboard for C1 portal “Device statuses”.

Also for now device filtering is not good. Can you make input field on top of device list where we can enter part of device name?
Be good if we will enter here device name (partically) and company name.

Device name field is too short. We can’t see full device name. For screen space saving you can put more details in second line with lower font size.
For example:

    boss-device123, Asus F53S
    [Takeover], [History] ←
    Quick icons

This is draft, please put here your ideas for quick see what going on :slight_smile:

Hi @Sergey ,

Thank you for the visual representation of your input. We truly appreciated it.We will get in touch with you through email regarding your input and queries. I will also check if this is already part of our ongoing projects but if not we can consider this as a new feature request.

I has no secrets from guys here :slight_smile: Will get in touch here :slight_smile:

Hello @Sergey ,

We are already analyzing your input and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
Rest assured that all your requests are noted and sent to our developers.
Thank you very much for continue using our product/services and we really appreciate
every suggestion from you.

Thank you.


First – thank you for your constant improvements to the system.

I would like to add to this post –

It would be easier to quickly identify if it is a Windows workstation or server if the icon under OS can reflect it – now it only shows it is a Windows OS.

The filtering request would be even more powerful if it is extended to / enhanced to allow filtering or searching on various fields – as example
Show all assets with software XYZ installed on (‘Select * from Table where table.softwarename like ‘XYZ%’).
Show all assets needing a reboot, Show all assets that have not connected to the portal in the last 7 days, Show all assets running windows XP, Show all assets where the logged on user name start with Ab*, Show all assets where the cDome Agent has not been installed on, Show all assets using a WiFi connection, Show all assets that do NOT have XYZ on, Show all assets with software XYZ and version 1.x.x installed on, Show all assets with less than 10% drive space remaining on their C drives, Show all Assets running XP with critical patches outstanding, Show all assets where the Java update failed, Show all Dell assets, Show all Laptop/Portable devices, Show all servers running Exchange 2007, Show all Servers with an AD Role, Show all Virtualized assets, Show all assets that have Windows Update Disabled…

And this is just what I needed the past. 2 weeks.

Yes – I know there are scripts for some of the above – but it is time consuming to read each assets log and then only take action on that asset – it would be faster to filter on what is needed and then action an all.

I hope these ideas above help improve the product.


Hello @ITB_T ,

Great input!
Thank you for this detailed explanation.
I will create a support ticket for this and will make sure that
all the necessary information will be forwarded to our development team.
We will also check if there are requests which has the same features you stated above
on our ongoing project and we will keep you updated on its progress.

Thank you.


Maybe just make full-text-search bar? One text field - all possible quires. And check-boxes (or drop-down lists) for icons/statuses.

Hello @Sergey

This is noted. Another awesome input.
I will add this to the support ticket created for your convenience.

Thank you.

Any update on this feature request?

Hello @amcssit ,

The feature to add device status column on device list view are still on the works with a long term ( 12months++ ) planned implementation.
If you want, we can add you on the loop so you`ll also receive an important update on the said request.