Devices, lists and Group Names.

So yes it is true I am a new kid and when I started this out it was awhile ago but I’m back with some questions. :slight_smile:

So when I created my device list I just used my dogs name LOL and now would like to rename the group and move 1 device from “Default Customer” to “Tasse” as well rename Tasse. I’ve been using Kaseya for awhile now and Meh :). However it was clear when it came to MS Patches, so I need to find the area for that,do a scan for patches and update them. :slight_smile:

I have to go to bed so any help would be appreciated and thanx again for opening your doors to me, from what I have heard all over the place is Itarian is awesome and people are just as good if not more so. :slight_smile: I like that kingd of a “review”.



Hello @tasse ,

Welcome back on ITarian!

you can move devices between customers with below steps:
1- Navigate to Device List -> Device Management
2- select a device
3- Click “Owner -> Change Owner”
4- type email address and choose the correct user with “tasse” in paranthesis

you can move devices between groups via
1- Navigate to Device List -> Device Management
2- Click on the name of the device
3- Navigate to Groups section
4- Click “Add to Group” button and select desired group

You can change customer name from Management -> Customers -> select “tasse” -> click “Edit” -> type “Tasse” -> click “Save Changes”.

You can access Patch Management section from “Applications -> Patch Management”, where you can see all the available OS and 3rd Party Application patches for your devices. The system automatically fetches available patches once it is detected. Please check below help guide for further details

If you want to manually start patch scan, you can navigate to device details via "Device List -> click on the name of a device -> navigate to Patch Management Tab -> click “Check Available Updates”

Hope these answers are sufficient to your questions. If you need more help, please let me know :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Thanx HUGE Ilgaz for the help, it is tried tested and true. :slight_smile: Is there any other Tech support/Staff in the forum aside from you? I left a message a few days ago and someone did answer but I haven’t heard anything from him since. :frowning: Thanx