Devices - More details about hardware

The Summary section is nice and all, but seems to me, to be a bit lacking in the description of the specific hardware in the device

Would be nice to have a hardware tab, that went into more detail about the hardware installed in the machine, harddrive, gpu, ram etc.

Hi @ frederikbay You can check the hardware information on the ITSM, go to Devices >device list click the name of the endpoint and select hardware.

Hi @frederikbay

We have similar information if you have RMM Plug-in installed on that device but not quite well structured. So, we will create a feature request for you and follow up.


Would it be possible to get Windows/Office product keys displayed under the OS summary?

Hi @ Frederick

 As of now this feature is not yet available on ITSM. We can forward a request to our developers to possibly have this feature included. On the other hand we have a script that would allow you to view the Windows license status in detail. This is located at

I agree some more details on hardware maybe adding HDD make and model # so parts can be ordered for replacement easily. Also maybe number of ram slots and what is in each slot? Also one more thing to add Maybe a warranty status that pulls the make model and SN and auto links pulls from the manufacture as to when the warranty will expire?

Hi @mspsupport,

Thank you for your suggestions. We will have the team look into this feature request.

We’ll also send an email to keep track of this concern.