Did you all change anything with regard to Remote Desktop today/tonight

reporting insanely fast connection speeds 2-3 seconds to remote PCs that I have never seen before. I mean ever. Is there a saturation of proxied vnc connections during business hours or perhaps some update or server upgrades? Just letting you all know that if this speed maintains it would excellent as my typical connection times are 15-30 seconds no matter endpoint locations or host request location. Thanks whatever it is.

Hello @azon2111 ,

We apologize for the late reply.
Was there any change in your infrastructure such as a new router change or router bios update recently? We have a mechanism (hole-punching) in the RMM Agent software that can take speed up performance, if a router supports this feature.

More information can be found here: Hole punching (networking) - Wikipedia

If a router that supports this capability is introduced in your network, users may experience an improvement in performance. This is only a hypothesis and may not be the reason for the performance improvement that you have noticed.

We have not made any change in the Comodo One software or infrastructure that can caused this performance improvement in the past few days. However we are glad that you are experiencing a much better performance when you are using Comodo One.

But…our intention is to give you the fastest remote desktop capability. We already have a team who has been developing new algorithms and the demo they showed me is pretty darn fast (faster than other solutions). Lets see how long it will be before they can integrate it to C1 for you guys.

That would be fantastic because the VNC connection times are poor and heavy on the bandwidth too. Not as reliable as some other RDP solutions and would be nice to have it faster and more reliable.