Difference between REST and SOAP APIs


A fellow developer wants to know: What’s the difference between REST and SOAP APIs?

Any ideas or help would be appreciated.
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hi @samuel898

SOAP and REST API are common concepts. They are not created by us and do not relate to our products directly. You can find difference between them by the link https://aws.amazon.com/en/compare/the-difference-between-soap-rest

If you have some certain question related to this topic please share exact usecase related to our products directly.

Hello, @samuel898 floridablue
Certainly! Let’s dive into the key differences between REST and SOAP APIs:

Protocol Type:
SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol): SOAP is a structured protocol that encodes data in XML. It’s highly strict and secure.
REST (Representational State Transfer): REST is more flexible and less defined. It can transfer data in various formats, including XML, plain text, HTML, and JSON.
Communication Style:
SOAP: Works well in distributed enterprise environments. It allows applications running on different operating systems to communicate using different technologies and programming languages.
REST: Assumes direct point-to-point communication and is often used in web-based scenarios.
Standardization vs. Flexibility:
SOAP: Provides a high level of standardization and security.
REST: Offers flexibility and efficiency. It’s a set of guidelines rather than a strict protocol1.
SOAP: Language, platform, and transport-independent.
REST: Requires the use of HTTP.
In summary, if you need strict standardization and security, go for SOAP. For flexibility and efficiency, choose REST. Feel free to share this with your fellow developer.
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