Different KB update appearing in Itarian Patch Management

I noticed that Itarian patch manager is showing an update for a Windows computer of "2019-08 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1903 for x64-based Systems (KB4512508). However, when I check Windows Update status on the computer itself, it shows (KB4512941) instead of (KB4512508).

I checked further and noticed that KB4512941 supersedes KB4512508. So my question now is - why is Itarian patch manager not picking up on the newer patch?

@GJHorn-SWAW ,

Thank you for notifying us but please reach out to Itarian Support directly via sending an email to support@itarian.com to open a support ticket and they will make sure to resolve your issue as quickly as they can with the help of our Development Team to explain this scenario.

Hi @GJHorn-SWAW , suggest you test again after the weekend’s platform update, but also Patch Management only updates its list every 4 hours - I think - so try pressing ‘check for updates’ to force a refresh

So at the request of support I uninstalled and re-installed the Comodo client agent on the two computers I had that weren’t getting updated patch data (one had been upgraded to Windows 10 and after 3 days was still showing pending Windows 7 patches, even though if I ran windows update manually on the PC, it said everything was up to date).

So here is some more info (I updated the email ticket, but wanted to share on the forums in case others are having the same issue):

Any devices I’ve added to ITSM over the past week or two are all showing “No results found.” in the Patch Management tab in ITSM, both in Operating System or Third Party. I’ve got about 5 recently added devices in total that are all showing that. Older devices still show populated data.

Is there something wrong on the backend with the patch management system? If so, it would explain mycoles why it wasn’t updating. Is there a backend service you can restart and see if patch management data starts flowing again?

Sorry guys, I feel like such a complainer in these forums the last few days, but the amount of problems I seem to be having with ServiceDesk reports and now ITSM patch management (that after a lot of troubleshooting do not seem to be on my end) and more recently today with having half of my endpoints (at various customer sites) unable to connect with Comodo Client Viewer (see other post) has me really worried that this is not a stable platform.