Disable/Remove Windows Upgrade Assistant

Hi guys,

We have disabled the windows upgrade service but it still finds a way through, can a script be made to disable this.

Hi @mmcquaid ,

Yes, we have a script that can disable Windows Upgrade Assistant. Please refer to this script https://scripts.comodo.com/frontend/web/topic/disable-windows-update

Not really. The above just disables the windows update service.

I have found you need to jump through all kinds of hoops.

there is sometimes a scheduled task running that needs disabling.

check the scripts library I have had a few written for me I think there are 2 you need. FYI one immediately reboots the endpoint.

Hi @mmcquaid

we have taken your request and will come back to you with better solutions as soon as possible


Hi @mmcquaid

Kindly refer the following script link:

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