Disabling Comodo Client Security to install software, but it turns itself back on

Although we have exclusions set, the only way to install a certain software package is to disable all the CCS modules.However, unless we stop the ITSM service first, they reactivate regardless of the time period specified in the GUI. Surely this isn’t correct?

Generally stopping ITSM does the trick.

Hi @nct

We introduced a new feature for this on recent releases. You can specify from the profile if you want endusers to be able to overwrite your initial configuration.

You should decide very wisely though. By enabling this, you are giving the control to end user.

Here are the details: https://help.comodo.com/topic-399-1-786-11186-Client-Access-Control.html

option is “Enable local user to override profile configuration”

Yes, thanks, @Ilker I know, but am a little nervous to use this in case of it not being changed back correctly by us!

It would be good if we could have an option to honour the disable time periods as we protect our CCS with a password that only we know.

another feature that would be good it to request a temp disable from the ITSM panel

Hello @StrobeTech
Thank you very much for providing us your suggestion about adding a switch of sorts on the assigned profile to temporarily disable CCS. Your input is important to us as it will help improve the usefulness of the C1 platform for the entire community. We have submitted your request to our product team where they will review it and determine where it will fit best on the product roadmap. You can expect to hear back from us through email in less than 10 business days with a time frame for the planned implementation.