Disc Error(s)

I need a script to monitor system logs for any disc errors thrown by the system, whether it’s read/write, connection, or other errors. This would be used for outbound alerts and tied to a second script to fire off a chkdsk {drive}: /f /r flag with scheduled reboot of system.

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please Refer the Following Script link for your Request


Note:Run the Script as Custom monitoring


is it ever going to be a built in monitor or are we always going to rely on the script? I personally find the scripts are unreliable most of our custom scripts are hit and miss and don’t trust the scripting engine reliability

Agree, it would be better as a built-in monitor. Two leading indicators of impending hardware issues are disc problems and power supply (though I’ve not seen a desktop power supply offer MIBS.) I was a little surprised the disc checks are script driven in Comodo.

There is one problem with this script. It schedules a chkdsk regardless of the output. It should be conditional and schedule the check if errors are actually thrown. I would add one additional caution, this script shouldn’t be run on a server class machine. It should be limited to desktop OS with a single HDD.

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@Tamilselvam Ultimately for HP servers, as an example, you need to be able to ready the SNNP data from the system to obtain accurate hardware fault information.

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Unfortunately, C1 doesn’t support SNMP yet.

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Please refer the following script , it will run if system has Single HDD on Endpoint.


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