Disk clean up

This may sound stupid but I have to ask. We are currently a break fix company looking to get into MSP work as well. The 3 clients we currently monitor we do the work manually. Right now our preventive maintenance program does the following. We empty temp files, browser cache and cookies, clear error reports, shell cache, MSI orphan files, and junk files. Is this basically what Disk Cleaner does? We also like to double check my running Ccleaner on client computers as well.

Hello HuskyLogic,

The Disk Cleaner is only one of two functions that the System Cleaner has in RMM, the second one being Registry Cleaner.
Here is a link to the Help topic for this section: https://help.comodo.com/topic-289-1-719-8576-System-Cleaner.html
Since the cache data of the browsers is kept in their own folder, the cleaner will not take any action there.

Could you please elaborate the Ccleaner statement?

Looking forward to your reply.

I use the program by piriform called CCleaner. It will go through and clean all sorts of junk files from different areas of the computer in one shot. You can find out about them by going to Piriform.com

Thanks for the clarification on disk cleaner as well.


I know what the Ccleaner application is and what it does. I did not understand how you would like to use it with the RMM Clean tool. You said that you wanted to double check it, and you should be able to do that at any time without any problems.

One will not affect the other, if that is what you wanted to ask in the first post.

I think you might be able to run a script to kick off CCleaner if it is installed on the workstation as well. I know I put in a request for the cleaner tool to do the browsers and I think their is an Enhancement poll on the forum somewhere for it.


Here is the vote for the improvement for what you might be requesting.