Disk Space

Looking to create a policy for disk space. Only option is for if “less than X GB”. Why not a percentage?? GB space tracking is not practical. A percentage remaining of free GB is a practical policy.

I fully agree with konesiager on this one!

Percentage is a good option as well, we can add it to roadmap if you see value on that.

However, when you think about the critical OS disk space, GB value will assure the critical threshold. 5% will equal to different amounts depending on the disk space like 30 GB or 500 GB.

Well 5 GB free on a 4TB array is quite low. And maybe too much for a 30GB SSD drive… I think percentage is better overall. But both (either/or) would be great!


Exactly what I was wanting. 10% remaining on a 30GB drive is completely different than a 500GB drive. But only being able to make a static 5GB limit is meaningless when you are monitoring multiple servers with different configurations.


We understand your point on the matter, Thank you for your interest in the Software.

Thanks for sharing the ideas guys, We are going to put this as an option to disk monitor. We will have both GB and % options.


Hi, has this been implemented yet?

Hello @scoplin_redrock ,

Yes, this feature is already implemented in ITSM. You can find this setting in ‘Disk’ monitor.