Display (logs) 10 most recent Application errors from event viewer

Hello, we enjoy the option to be alerted when a critical event occurs in the windows event log, however we would like the ability to view the 5 or 10 most recent errors reported in the event viewer application log without logging into the users computer and sorting for this. A script would be most excellent!

I am aware of the script to view 10 most recent events, but this provides all the “information” events as well. We are looking specifically for errors classification.

Thank you.

@ktaylor ,

we have forwarded your query to our Scripts Team and will provide you an update with their feedback.

Hello @ktaylor ,

We have sent you an email regarding the request. Please feel free to reply at your convenience.

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Hi @ktaylor

Please refer to the script developed for your request here https://scripts.itarian.com/frontend/web/topic/to-display-10-most-recent-application-errors-logs-from-event-viewer

I am sharing the published script as it is helping our community members as well.