Distributing app-component files with procedures or ???

Hi all, I’m new to Comodo, and have a question about the possibility of pushing/updating custom, app-component files to the program files folder on our endpoints.

Currently our custom app needs admin privileges to perform the updates (copying updated files from a server to the program files folder), and we are looking for a more-secure method.

Can this be done with a procedure, or maybe with other tools on the portal?

Again we need to occasionally push out an updated executable and some .dll’s to the program files folder on the endpoints.

I’d appreciate any input, ideas or advice. Thanks in advance! Fred G.

@fgreen ,

You can utilize our ADDT for your software deployment

Hi @Jimmy , i just read through this doc-- thanks for the link. We are trying to avoid compiling the app to an .msi package, as frequently the changes are very small, involving only one or two of the .dlls. Also, occasionally updates can happen multiple times a day.

@fgreen ,

You are welcome :).

There is no reason you could not do this with a Python script or a Python script that runs a VBS etc.

It is not an easy thing to get done and needs a lot skill in scripting unless a simple CMD/BAT copy command is good enough?