Distribution with a difference!

Comodo’s products are great tools that we all use and love, but buying them can be a bit more of a problem!

Here are Strobe Technologies Ltd we like to work with our MSPs to supply them with the licenses they need at the right price, with no special ties or contracts other than the agreed license term. Sounds simply right, and this is the way it should be!

On top of this simple approach to sales, you will be glad to know our team are not made of sales persons but actual engineers that use the products day in and day out giving us unparalleled knowledge of the platform meaning we can advise correctly.

Products we currently supply to MSPs like you are: -

  • ITSM Premium Edition (Comodo Client Security [CCS] with Valkyrie etc)
  • cDome Secure Web Gateway
  • cDome Antispam (Cloud)
  • cDome Antispam (Prem)
  • cWatch Web Security
  • And many more!

Contact us in the following ways: -
Forum: PM for prices etc, open discusses for other items
Email: helpdesk@strobe-it.co.uk
Web: http://helpdesk.strobe-it.co.uk/
Tel: +44 (0)1884 664004

One of the problems we find is purchasing additional licences and not being able to align the renewal date with the original purchase.

Hi @nct

Let me see what we can do / offer on that one for you.

*** UPDATE ***
Currently with licenses each purchase has it’s own renewal date, so if you need licenses for company A today and need additional licenses for company A next month you will have two different renewal dates.

We have started discussions with Comodo on this as having all of company A’s renewals aligned to one date would make sense.

The idea we have on the system is it should be done like this: -
IF Current Subscription > 50% of License Period
THEN prorate New License Cost
ELSE charge full license cost AND prorate Existing License to New Expiration Date

Let us know what you all think and we shall see what we can do!

To try and make getting licenses even easier we have customised our Service Desk very simply to enable you quick access to get all the information we need straight to our team for quoting.

Visit our helpdesk via http://helpdesk.strobe-it.co.uk/ or https://strobeit.servicedesk.comodo.com/
Click on Open a New Ticket
Choose Comodo Distribution from the category list

Most other MSP based licensing I have dealt with are purely on a month by month basis, the amount paid for licenses is based on the number in use each month.
the MSP holds the license as supplies it to the client as part of their “stack”

This is something we can do, and the newer licensing features inside ITSM should make this easier too

We are always pushing the boundaries here at Strobe Technologies, so much so look at our joint collaboration with Itarian a first of many help videos to come.

@StrobeTech This video is unavailable error at YouTube

Try this link

@armorcoded Try this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0E58JYmFOsM. This should work.

Hi @PeterHicks , as far as we know there is no issues with this tool, but I will be honest I’m not sure if anyone we have supplied to uses this tool.

The AV should not stop the application from working though if that is what you mean.

Could always look at programs like handbrake too.

Thank! I hope all will be ok! :wink: :rolleyes: