DNS Issue

Over the weekend, I had to move some clients away from the comodo dns, it would not let them get to the internet at all, but they could ping ip addresses. I had one system up on location, only difference was it was not using comodo dns. I used that system, logged into my utm, changed the dns in dhcp, rebooted systems, then we were back in action. I tried to find my other post about this, but could not, so I started another. This was Saturday, 5/12/18. Did anyone else notice an issues on that date??


We have had issues on our DataCenters over the weekend, which we could resolve at 9 PM GMT, Saturday. Sorry for the inconvenience you have experienced and would like to inform you that the team will do their best to avoid any similar issues. Comodo DNS ( - should work just fine as of the moment. Please check and inform us again if you experience any problems.

Nevzat Huruzoglu
Comodo - Dome Product Management Team

Was this reported on the status site? Dont look like it ??

This is the second time I have had this problem in a few months time. We really need some stable service, if you expect us to use it. Thanks for letting me know about the issue though.


I am still having the issue with random pages failing to load and the error in Google Chrome states DNS Issues. This has only been since the weekend, can you confirm if this issue is resolved? If not, is there an ETA?



The team checked the issue you stated but seems like the issue is not reproducable for the moment. Could you please share more details if you still experience the problem?

I usually move my networks away from the comodo dns for an extended period of time, I will retry again in a month or so. I can not set up none of the interesting stuff, like I can with dome, but google dns is always faster, and more reliable. Reliability is my main concern, I have also used opendns before, and never had page fails, unless I blocked them, but have had some slowness from them frequently.

I was still having this issue, so I moved all my locations away from comodo DNS, just too many issues. The response times are horrible, email refreshes seems to lose connection very frequently, and we have a lot of issues in the resolve side. I thought it was the vendors site, but now I am not so sure, and will monitor while using Google DNS. Good luck with getting it stable again, and I would love to move back to it, if you can ensure stability, as I have some managers that do not understand IT, and are not pleased when things do not work, especially when their businesses rely on DNS to get them to their CRMs and the likes.