Do anybody REALLY use Comodo One RMM in a production environment?

@skills Can you be more specific? What issues do you see? For procedure execution - it it fails - most probably it’s the bug inside the procedure itself. Failure in scheduling - what does that mean? Failures in monitoring - what monitor failed and how did you observe this?

I made a video that shows 2 procedures that do not work.
They simply do not perform.

There are more procedures that do not perform.

Even after several hours.

See the link below to see the video.

Thanks @skills ! This is valuable. Support team will contact you shortly for logs collection on the devices where procedures were not executed.

This has been a long time running problem.

stopped reporting it now ???

Hi All,

We have been using C1 MSP for awhile now, done many things with Comodo in helping etc.

We have seen many issues with the platform and these are getting worked through slowly but surely, as @melih and @Vadym_Volyansky know I don’t hold back with screaming and helping. We have found that over the last few months Comodo did seem to hit a road bump with getting things working, but the team seem to back on track and getting more and more working.

The Service Desk section of C1 has had some major improvements with more already on the way, CCS (Comodo Client Security) has had some major updates this month which we are trying to test as they hopefully solve some massive issues. There are the odd bug here and there, but coming from Autotask and their AEM product which you pay a mass amount of money for and does not work to a platform that works with a company that encourages community interaction is refreshing.

Comodo are doing a good job currently, they have a team invested in helping and getting all the issues resolved. But we users we need to precise and do what we can help them improve, personally me and my team believe we have the tools in the current environment and need these tweaked to work, once working we can then add new features.

Hi Guys,

I know we are hitting on several issues with the platform in this forum but I have a question. If you are using Comodo as a sole solution how are you dealing with the lack of reports. We have customers that require asset reports from time to time. In fact the reporting is really missing altogether. I have no way to do that and still must use Labtech for that. My second biggest complaint is the lack of proper billable report. The time tracking is excellent but there is no way to properly get that report to use for billing. Is anybody able to overcome these issues? If so how?


Hi Samuel,

We use this solely and working hard with Comodo to correct these issues, if you have questions or ideas on requirements please let me know and we shall see what we can do.

For reports at the moment we have some Excel templates etc we use, these do the job ish at the moment but not great. This is a hole from when we used AEM but the other benefits out way this.

can you give us an example of which reports are must have for you, so that we can prioritize them for development asap.

Yes the reports that are most important i have relayed to comodo and sent them examples but they are the billing report that shows billable time spent and the summary of the work done. Essentially that would be the comment that the Tech puts in along with the other details.

Next we really need an asset report that includes the machine name, Asset tag, OS Version, Last logged in user, asset install date, last checkin to comodo. We need to be able to pull it by customer and export to excel if we need to.

Please let me know if you need clarity. You may also be able to look a the examples I sent in a while back.

I used many Comodo Products so far and what is very much true is: They intend to be a Little buggier… sorry to say that but I also have the Impression. I remember Comodo Backup that worked fine until we had to recovery a very huge incremental backup that took the tool 24 days to finish or I remember one of the first patch manager versions restarting clients by installing Nullsoft Installers without closing the application before updating (This is the kind of restart that comes out of nowhere and a SCCM-Guy: This is an amateur error) or installing patches that were not needed. And now I had a very bad review with the macOS AV Client… To sum this up: ITarian has potential but I am using features very very carefully since sometimes they fire back and if they do it always hurts very bad.

However after 2 years of absence I finally start to give the RMM another chance and I currently enrolled around 250 devices for remote Control, maybe patch management and if macOS AV gets better maybe even for that. My primary solution is Intune but Comodo is a good addition offering features that Intune lacks (Remote Control, Patch Management or macOS Antivirus). I hope for the best :).

And btw: I am a SCCM/Intune-Consultant working for bigger companies with >10k Clients I am not recommending comodo there out of “Quality reasons” but boys: If you get the surprises out of your applications I would be more than happy to recommend your patch management and remote control.

Dear All,

Please see the following information.

I’m pleased to say that the reports on MacOS protection is from tests back in 2017. Sine then Comodo have a complete new engine for detection and more which I’m told by the team is much better. Unfortunately we currently do not have any updated test results to show this but we have been informed this is currently being arranged with 2 or 3 different testing companies soon.

We are glad you have come back to the solution and seen how well it has grown.
The product set is always improving and the more people that use the system allows for more great feedback and improvements.

I’m glad to say that Comodo have been working hard on processes and structure so they can start producing better products that are more stable and have no surprises. Obviously this is not happening over night, but they are listening to us all and working very hard to achieve this for us all.

Keep up the good work all and hopefully this information is helpful for the community.


I have been testing the RMM product on a limited basis since 09/2015, I was never comfortable using it for clients other than ad-hock, one-off non-MSP clients. I took another look CCEndpoint and was about ready to go production until I saw the Armageddon post about machines going off-line because of a bad release, and then needing to be reformatted after uninstal. Had we been in production with our 350 endpoints, a bug like this would have bankrupted our company. We barley have enough time to take care of our clients maintenance needs in addition to project work. There simply is no time for us to waste until we can see the product go six months without catastrophic failure. Putting it back on the shelf for another six months and will give it another whirl.

just to clarify…the issue was NOT with Itarian RMM…the issue was with one of security vendors Comodo’s firewall…

Thanks for the update. Portal was out for 31/2 days last quarter, desktop system tray shortcuts changed to ITarian without any notification, lets see if it can go 6 mos without a serious outage or crippling bugs.

We are in a similar position to you on the front of staff and devices.

On the ITARIAN front, we are extremely happy with the solution and helps us daily by allowing remote access, automated patching and application updates and more.

On the Comodo side, we also use the Client Security which is also known as Advanced Endpoint Protection. This unfortunately as you say has had numerous issues of late.

As @melih states, this is due to the firewall section of the tool. If you disable this feature the rest of the product is rock solid and works extremely well.

Hope this real-world information helps.

Ok I have another no go I discovered last week: We require our users to approve any remote Control session due to GDPR. Recently I connected to a machine and was suprised that the approval went this fast… after another test I realized that the approval is not working anylonger. I discovered in the Portal that the Settings regarding remote Control were reset to the Default values (even our custom message was reset). I confirmed this on both my tennants… my employees trust our IT Department that we are not spying on them and this really hurts their trust in us and my trust in ITarian.

HI @Weatherlights ,

Good day!
We’ve created a support ticket on your behalf.
Please respond to the email so we can assist you further in determining why the values have gone back to default without making any changes on your policy settings

Thank you.