Do not show screen when remoted in

When remoted into a client is there a way so that the physical machine’s monitor view is blocked from people sitting at the desk or walking by so that only the remote technician is able to see the desktop? Need privacy for working on a server

Hi @jtlogic
Currently, such a functionality is not readily available through ITSM/CRC/RMM. But the effect that you want to achieve can be triggered by command line or by script procedure. That is, once remotely connected, you trigger the command/script which will ‘manually’ turn off the display like when a PC has been idle for a certain period of time. Once the display is off, you go ahead and perform the tasks that you need to do on the endpoint. You will just have to define the conditions that the endpoint’s screen can become ‘unlock’ while you’re working on it.

We strongly suggest that you drop by the Automation Scripts sub-forum and request for one.

I have also requested this a year or two ago. I have to do browser audits sometimes, and sometimes I don’t want to see what is in the history, let alone anyone else seeing it. That was one feature I liked about Logmein.

Yes Boss I am in the same boat! Rick can you forward that to the appropriate team? I think it’s unnecessary for me to post twice on this forum for the same thing, and it should be high priority since Boss said he/she requested that a long time ago, 2 years is a long wait for a request…sheeesh…

Hi @jtlogic
I am not quite sure which one BOSS requested before whether it be a feature request or a script procedure. For now, I moved your post to the Automation Scripts sub-forum. A script procedure is much easier to implement compared to adding a new feature on an existing product. Feel free to clarify further your request here.

Hi @jtlogic @BOSS ,

We are unable to find script solution for this. This will be forwarded to our development team and we will let you know once this feature becomes available.
I sent you an email to help you keep track of your request. Thank you.

Please also inform me when this feature is available. I may have previously requested this, too.

Hello @nct,

Thank you for letting us know about your interest with the request. I created a support ticket for you and link the ticket to the Feature Request so that you will be informed as well with any updates with this matter. Thank you

My request was a long time ago, and it was not a script request, as ITSM scripting was not available yet, only procedures that you built into the procedure section of the admin console. This is the 3rd or 4th time that I have chimed in on similar requests.


We apologize for the confusion with regard to your request. But we have forwarded this to our developers as a “Feature Request” and will inform you through email or this thread should there be any update.

Please keep me updated on this feature. Very much needed for any IT administrator.

Hello @pcxperts,

We appreciate for letting us know your interest and needs with this Feature Request. I added you in the loop to keep you updated with the request. Thank you

This feature must be able to be toggled on or off.

As far as I know, that is how it will be implemented. As an extra switch that can be used at the discretion of the MSP. Or depending on the agreement between the MSP and the client when it comes to remote support access.

I figured, but wanted to ensure clarity, thanks for the reply.

Hi all,

This looks like important to you. We will put it on priority list to deliver in early Q4.