Does CDM replace Endpoint Security?

I am new to Comodo and I am looking to roll it out to a new client. I am a little confused as to what each of these products are and how they differ.

I am looking for affordable AV for Windows machines.

Hello @Velvis

Thank you for your interest in using our products.

They are different products and both are reliable.

For more information about ITSM (CMD) please access this link:

For more information about ESM please access this link:

Is ITSM free for a year for unlimited endpoints?

Is Comodo Free Endpoint Antivirus or Microsoft’s AV monitorable from Comodo RMM?

Hello @Velvis

Yes, ITSM free is for unlimited endpoints.

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) grants Managed Service Providers complete visibility and control over the systems they manage.

You can monitor our security product from ITSM.

What is the cost for ITSM after the first year?

Hello @Velvis

Regarding prices please take a look at this link:

Hi @Scott ,

Can you please explain how to setup ITSM to manage other Security Products I cant see the option

Hello @Marveltec ,

ITSM manages the Comodo One Client Security. It does not manage other security products.

ITSM is Free in 2nd, 3rd year too…there is no cost to ITSM…
We only charge for endpoint security…All the features like RMM, Service desk, Quote manager, patch manager are all FREE and will always be FREE…
We have an appstore…in future any third party can integrate their products into it, even the competitor’s security products. But for now Comodo has the only endpoint protection.