Does Comodo have a product similar to LogicNow Web Protection?

Does Comodo have a product similar to LogicNow Web Protection?
I have trialled it but looking to consolidate on a suite of Comodo solutions for anti-malware but also web browsing protection.


Just had a Korugan demo, this does have some web filtering and web protection features but as it is a hardware appliance or VM it cannot protect a stand-alone device which is not behind/connected to the Korugan.

Hi Mikael,

What you’re looking for is Comodo Dome, you can check it out from . Dome has URL Filtering, Advanced Threat Protection and Containerization provided over Cloud, thus requires no installation at all.Actually, why not I give you another demo ? We have a specialized version of Dome coming soon for ISPs, by which you can have all your customers route their traffic to your datacenters.

You can connect to Dome with either setting as proxy or DNS and get Containerization, URL Filtering and Advanced Threat Protection in seconds.

Compared to Korugan (besides of the obvious that Korugan is an on-premise device where Dome is a cloud solution) Dome can protect a device(behind or not) just by setting it as a parent proxy.It is super easy to set up with Dome, we can also set a node for you to test.

Is there an MSP rate for this or is it just the price I seen in the Dome page? Also I wouldn’t mind demoing it to see how it works… You never now, I might have a client or two for it.

I think we should get our MSP pricing for this too.
On other thought, right now I regular pricing in the app store right now for even the current products.

hey Charger440, ymi,

Thanks for the interest. I really appreciate it.

We are working on a model now.Soon, I’ll update you on this.