Does Free mean stable for business environments?

The RMM and other tools Comodo offers for free to be used by MSP businesses are making me wonder.

Is it worth it to use Free tools to support clients who pay me?

At times I question this because if a tool is not working and support is taking a long time to get the situation fixed should I just go buy a paid service from another company?

Will Comodo make any guarantees on it’s free product, such as a promise that any issue will be resolved within 24-48 hours time?

Can’t connect to device management screen, support agent not working? These are serious issues for an MSP.

If I fly and install a Client Communication agent on a device in another state to support then come back to my home state, I don’t want to be worrying about if the software is going to fail me and if it does fail me that the developer or support staff takes as long as they want fixing it. I want to know if Comodo is really going to step up their game on these products or just keep releasing new tools and features and not focus on supporting them with fast fixes and good customer service.

Any reply by staff? Anyone feel the same way ?

Of course…SLAs are very important…We will create SLAs.

Will these SLA be a paid subscription to support or will it be free like the product?


You see our model is to make sure people use our platform, because we make money from the appstore. So its in our interest to give everyone an SLA for free.

Make the comodo one msp app do more then tickets and it will be downloaded ALOT more. Like remote control from the app, config endpoints, install patches etc
But thanks for the fast replies and good to know that SLA will be included in the platform

very much so…we will include all these functionality in time.

@jtlogic I share your concerns, as we would like to stop using our paid for remote control tool and just use C1 for remote support and ticketing. I suggest we all give Comodo a little more time to improve the service of their free offerings. Following a brief conversation with @Ilker last week and posts by both @Ilker and @melih, it would appear they are being more proactive ATM and hopefully we’ll see the results very soon.

Yes, I know I am kind of impatient and need to give the team more time. My team has never had a setup for MSP so we use Comodo as our very first choice. I would like for my team to not want to move on from this product, thats the only reason I press issues so hard. Thanks for all the updates and getting things rolling quickly.

Stability is the main thing we are focusing on now. Next two release will be all about stability.