Dome Antispam 6.7.4 Release Announcement

Hi Everybody,

We are happy to announce global availability of Dome Antispam v6.7.4 today and all previous versions can be updated to the latest version with no issues or service interruptions.

What’s New ?

  • More Stable Database Connection: to prevent any resource leakages a related bug is fixed in database connection process.
  • Faster Email Processing: to prevent possible mails stuck in e-mail queue a related bug is fixed in e-mail processing.
  • Better Deployment Process: to overcome possible misconfiguration problems related to Office 365 a related bug is fixed in deployment process.
Feel free to check the attached Release Note for further information.

Looking for more info about Dome Antispam and other Dome Products ? Feel free to check our website at Endpoint Detection and Response, Free - What is EDR Security?

Best Regards,


Product Manager

Dome-Antispam-Release-Note-v6.7.4.pdf (640 KB)