Dome AntiSpam Gateway / Itarian MSP


I’m a bit confused on how to setup AntiSpam for a company under my MSP / C1 portal?

In the C1 app, I did find “Comodo Dome Shield”, but I can’t find any reference or configuration for AntiSpam.
Also, my MSP credentials do not work when trying to sign-in to:

Any documentation or assistance in guiding me to where in the C1 app AntiSpam can be configured would be greatly appreciated.


Please check this link @RoninMedia for the Comodo Antispam Gateway help guide.

hi RoninMedia,

Please follow below steps:

  1. Open App Store
  2. Find Dome ASG MSP and hit Purchase (or 1 month trial)
  3. Follow the steps of the wizard and complete purchase.
  4. Go to Applications and Find Dome ASG MSP.
  5. Hit Login and you will be able to see Dome ASG MSP Dashboard.

Screenshots are below for reference.

Which is better

Dome Antispam MSP (Hosted version of KoruMail)


Dome Antispam Gateway

I thought that they were the same technology the only differences being one hosted and one is not, one gives you multi-tenant the other doesn’t.

I wish that was the case, but they are different products

Look forward to the answer.

I’m sure they are different and both offer multi domain as from a distribution point of view we can offer multiple domains for both

Cdome Antispam looks to be way more mature than Cdome Antispam MSP. Cdome Antispam has alot more option and features available to the admin finger tips such as dkim, antispoofing, anti-virus etc.

Cdome Antispam MSP

That is my understanding; but not what I’m understanding from the teams; but that is not 100% clear either.

Comodo Dome Antispam (KoruMail)
Comodo Dome Antispam MSP (Anti Spam Gateway)

are completely different products. I believe “Comodo Dome Antispam (KoruMail)” to be the more advanced version and works extremely well as an on premise system.

@bulut can you please confirm which is the better product?

@StrobeTech After a brief phone call today with Comodo I was told that the Cloud MSP version has the same platform as the known MSP version except that access to the some of the advance features are not available on the MSP model but are coming online as they roll out updates.

Hi @libretech

that is type of what I have been told; but not 100% what is happening.
To be honest the dev teams at the moment are looking hard at this as I have been having many discussions with them about what, why and costs.

Hopefully soon we will have a clear picture of what is going on, but for now if you want proper protection you need KoruMail or the cloud hosted version which is Dome Antispam. If you want basic protection and multi server redundancy you want Comodo Antispam Gateway or as it is now called Dome Antispam MSP.

Fingers crossed this helps.