Dome Antispam Hosted 6.7.5 Release Announcement

Hi Everybody,

We are happy to announce global availability of Dome Antispam v6.7.5 today and all previous versions can be updated to the latest version with no issues or service interruptions.

What’s New ?

  • Better traffic monitoring: logging mail delivery details is added additionally for each emails to provide more information for admins.
  • Signing reply emails: domain key signing process is added for auto-reply emails.
  • Getting reports pages at once: email logs page is enhanced to allow exporting all queried logs in a one csv file.
  • Identifying new O365 official IPs: the new Microsoft Office 365 outbound IP provider service is integrated to our core engine.
  • Better detection in Email DLP protection: DLP file type detection processor is improved to catch file types more precisely.
  • Better verification in Email DLP protection: DLP regex syntax verification process is improved to veirfy regexes.
Feel free to check the attached Release Note for further information.

Looking for more info about Dome Antispam and other Dome Products ? Feel free to check our website at Endpoint Detection and Response, Free - What is EDR Security?

Best Regards,


Product Manager

Dome-Antispam-Release-Note-v6.7.5.pdf (649 KB)