Dome DNS Issues

Anyone else having issue with Dome DNS? It seems to be blocking Android play store updates. I was wondering why on Wifi I couldn’t update any apps, but as soon as I switched to LTE they would update. I switched my DNS servers back to Google’s DNS, rebooted my phone and it would then update on Wifi.

I’ve had it cause problems with Windows updates in the past too (even had users send me screenshots of Microsoft’s websites being blocked). I expect they aren’t blocking Microsoft (or google play) explicitly but rather the underlying CDNs they use.

If that’s the case, Comodo needs to figure out a way to permanently whitelist MS/Google and any CDNs they use for their updates.

Hello @indieserve,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We will communicate with you shortly via email for the process of investigating this case.

I had a customer yesterday saying website was blocked. He had previously been ok on. I added to the white list. But something went on…

Hello @dittoit ,

Can we know the exact website that was blocked or will it be the same website being experienced by indieserve ?

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this one was this morning and yesterday.

Hello @dittoit,

We appreciate for providing the website that are being blocked. We will have our developers verify the website and we will keep you posted on this forum page for the update. Thank you

Hello @dittoit,

The “” is in category Finance & Investment under Business and is category Political Issues under Misc.

For → we recommend either keep having it in the Whitelist item or remove Political Issues from his Policies.

For → our developer noticed that you do not have Finance&Invesment in the Policies which means should not be blocked. This might mean Finance&Invesment was in the Policies and removed it after this domain was blocked and also added it to Whitelist. You may try removing Whitelist and try to browse this domain. It should be browsed. If it does not, please inform us and we shall investigate further.

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I am also having some issues, I had one location, that some of their pages would not fully load, and the internet was crawling. I changed DNS to the ISP’s DNS, issue resolved. I was wondering if anyone else has ran into this??

I just had to move network 2 away from Dome, same issues as the other network, they are telling me it started a few days ago.

And now another network, was using comodo DNS on the edge, too many complaints of slow internet.

Hello @indieserve,

We appreciate your feedback and will forward this case to our development team.

We will reach back to you as updates are available. Thank you for your patience.

I’ve experienced an issue where the domain name of could not be resolved. This is a serious issue. If I can’t rely on the Comodo DNS servers to resolve addresses, then this solution is pretty much useless.

I’ve seen this before with another site, but didn’t correlate it to Comodo until I ran across this again this morning.

@maximillianx ,

We apologize for this inconvenience. We will have your report checked with the help of our development team and provide you with an accurate explanation the soonest time possible.

that’s because responds but the NON WWW doesn’t ! noting there !!

Noted - this was a red herring. I suspect there was a bad bookmark the user had. I’ll follow up with them and let you all know just in case this wasn’t the

Thanks for the responses - feel a little embarrassed, but hopefully it WASN’T Comodo!

Been there got the T-Shirt !!! :slight_smile:

Hi @indieserve , we really appreciate your constructive criticism on Dome Shield. We will take “global whitelist” issue in consideration and, at the same time, we are already trying to improve our feeds to not to allow any inconvenience about the categorization of the domains. All the domains except Android Play Store you mentioned should now be categorized correctly so those should not create any inconvenience.