Dome DNS requests are slow

I am testing Dome Shield with a view to using it with my customers. Prior to enabling DS, ping results to were typically 27 ms. I have a fiber connection
When implementing DS this changed to circa188ms (and upwards). As a result the internet browsing is painfuly slow (just like going back to ADSL). I understand that this is most likely a geographical issue as I am in New Zealand. Can you advise if there are any plans to have C1 DNS servers in different locations or if you are a MSP, what have you done or tried to get decent DNS?

Hello same problem here. I silently activated Comodo DNS on a client of mine and the day after he call me saying Internet (1GB fiber) was slow, He doesnt know I changed his DNS. From his office, in Italy, the ping to Comodo DNS are about 40ms where to google dns are 8ms. Probably because the comodo dns is located in USA. Isn’t there a dns in EU?

Also his antivirus started to warning about different problems with web sites certificates, that probablly because Comodo DNS filtering.


@datalink ,

We are saddened to hear about your reported issue. We have created a support ticket in regards to your report to have it addressed as soon as possible.

Hi All,

The entire Dome Shield platform is running currently.
We are experiencing the same issue across our clients and systems too.

Hello, I didnt receive any news about the issue here reported. I still see slow ping to Is there any Comodo DNS in Europe ? Thanks

Hello Everyone,

Here is the update from Dome Shield Team:

We are aware of the inconvenience that may be experienced by our users in Europe, which emerged from the maintenance work in our servers and would like to state that it will be removed soon after the maintenance work. Moreover, we will be launching 2 to 3 new servers in Europe in the next few weeks, in London, Amsterdam and possibly Frankfurt, to provide even better service for our users in Europe.

Thank you

Thank you, please keep me update about the end of the maintenance work so that I can re-activate the service to the customers

Hello @datalink,

We received an update from our development team that the maintenance works are mostly over and performance is back where it was and will be even better with the new servers once they are on. Thank you and we will keep you posted with the further update on this case.