Dome endpoint problem

Is Dome up ok, ? my laptop lost internet connection, i have had to add as the 2nd DNS to the that Dome uses??


Not just you as I’ve had several endpoints using dome lose internet today. I verified by uninstalling the shield client on a few devices. I have placed a ticket with support.

,Hello @dittoit @tmit1970

So far our developers confirmed no unforeseen issues on Dome. It may just be a short latency. I have tested Dome on my end and it loaded fine. Please check once more.

We had an issue effecting only cDome Shield endpoint clients. The issue has been resolved. Can you please check that again?

The issue has been rectified on my endpoints clients. Thanks!


Thank you for giving us an update. If in any case, you encounter any issues, please send us an email @ domesupport@comodo so that we can attend to your concern immediately.

I had this issue a couple weeks ago, started with certain pages not opening. I changed the DNS in my DHCP server, BOOM all was well. I have yet to change it back, as it seemed to block some very important sites.

I’m having the same issue today as I did on the 12th. Multiple locations with not every endpoint at each location affected. I have uninstalled the cshield application to verify that the problem is with the agent.

This has cleared up at several locations. After getting reports that the devices started working, I reinstalled the cshield agent and those worked as well.


Thank you for your update. Rest assured that we are now more and more focused on a wider range of resolution on any reports in a timely manner. Expect this as part of our process change with our CEO’s commitment to stability.