Dome Firewall VA 2.5 and Central Manager 1.3 Release Announcement

Hi Everybody,

We are happy to announce global availability of Dome Firewall Virtual Appliance 2.5.0 and Central Manager 1.3.0. This release provides several improvements and various fixes. This document communicates all the major changes in Dome Firewall 2.5.0 and Central Manager 1.3.0.

What’s New ?

  • Virtual IP / DNAT Update: Previously Dome Firewall used to deliver DNAT via Virtual IP feature. Additional SNAT selection was making it harder to comprehend hence Dome Firewall 2.5.0 introduces DNAT Page by replacing Virtual IP. DNAT still provides the same NAT capabilities and more but via a UI similar to SNAT hence easier to comprehend and use
  • Virtual IP View is removed from versions 2.5.0 and higher.
  • Central Manager can be used for creating DNAT rules in remote Dome Firewall Virtual Appliances with 2.5.0
  • Dome Firewall and Central Manager now supports VMware.
  • Improvements in Site-to-site and Client-to-Site VPN Services
In order to update your Dome Firewall, go to System > Firmware and click Upgrade button. During upgrade your Dome Firewall will go into idle state, thus we recommend it to be done in off business hours.

Feel free to check the attached Release Notes for further information.

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Dome-FW-2.5-Dome-CM-1.3-ReleaseNote.pdf (154 KB)

All Dome Central Manager versions are updated to final version as well.

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