Dome Firewall Virtual Appliance is here!

We are pleased to announce global availability of Dome Firewall Virtual Appliance free of charge for our MSPs !

What is Dome Firewall Virtual Appliance:

  • Dome Firewall Virtual Appliance is a free enterprise grade Unified Threat Management Solution that delivers protection for all ports and protocols. Simply, a virtual UTM solution for securing your customer networks from combined attacks.
  • Visit to learn more about Dome Firewall Virtual Appliance and obtain your license!
  • To view all available features of Dome Firewall Virtual Appliance you may visit
  • Dome Firewall is the only free UTM in the World with Common Criteria EAL 4+ Certification. "CC EAL 4 + certification assures our customers that Comodo Dome Firewall satisfies a globally agreed-upon security standard, making it the default choice for administrators that are looking for UTM solutions. CC certifications are evaluated and verified by vendor-neutral, third-party laboratories and mutually recognized by 26 countries.."

What’s New with Dome Firewall Virtual Appliance:

Easy and Flexible Installation

  • Easy import OVA for your hypervisors
  • ISO that can be installed into physical appliance of your choice


  • Unified Policy Management
  • Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall
  • Source, Destination, Schedule, and user based Rule Management
  • Service, Port, IP, FQDN based Rule Management
Security Features
  • Static & Behavioural Malware Analysis at the Gateway
  • Zero-Day Malware Protection
  • Automated Unknown File Containment
  • Portable Containment Technology
  • Malware Expert Analysis at the Gateway
  • Phishing Protection
  • Cloud based lookups for the latest threat intelligence
  • Botnet Protection
Content Filtering
  • Category based URL Filtering featuring Comodo Web Filtering Database
  • HTTPS Interception
  • Source, Destination, Schedule and User Based Rule Management
  • Source and Destination based NAT
  • WLAN and DHCP Support
  • WAN Load Balancing and Failover
  • Zone based Management supporting multiple LANs
  • NAT, PAT, Routing and ICAP Support
  • Virtual IP Management
Intrusion Prevention
  • Category based IPS Signature Database
  • Real-time Updates
  • Support for Custom IPS signatures
Virtual Private Network
  • Site-to-site VPN
  • Client-to-site VPN
  • Supports IPSEC,L2TP and SSLVPN
  • Active Directory Authentication
  • Simple web based management interface
  • User, Group and Time based Rules
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Role based Access Control rights to management interface

What’s Next:

  • Central Management: We know how hard it can be for MSPs to manage multiple firewalls from remote locations. Our central management solution will help you manage multiple Dome Firewall Virtual Appliances from a single interface covering all your customers.

Don’t forget to obtain your license, it’s free!
It’s time to start replacing your current on-prem UTM/Firewall solutions.

excellent work guys!
This is a worthy replacement for anyone using pfsense or endian…

I may just check it out, moving all my locations away from Untangle.

please let us know your opinion.
we are eager to improve the product.

Yes Sir, it may take a little while, but I will test and report back.

very much looking forward to it!


If you need any help deploying Dome Firewall, feel free to contact us from .

I will be contacting you for the feedback which we are looking forward to!

Yes Sir, Thanks

I need to re-download the iso, but it won’t let me get to the download. Could you please share a link where I could download the ISO?? I downloaded it, but at a different location, and am going to try to get it installed on a test server today. Thanks.

I have tried the ISO and OVA files both fail, there was a how to attached whict looks like its been removed, are the 4 network cards needed?

i have tried HV with ISO and Virtual Box with the OVA.

ISO Download Link:

OVA Download Link:

Hi dittoit,

I believe you followed steps of installation shown here:

4 network cards are necessary for Dome Firewall to boot. Dome Firewall creates four zones per WAN,LAN,DMZ and WIFI. After boot is complete, you can remove unnecessary zones from the user interface.

This stinks, looks like I won’t be installing today, my server has 2 cards… This seems like a good way to not get your software installed, as most of my edge devices would have a maximum of 3 networks card, for failover WANS, and a LAN. Can the software do VLAN trunking???


We can help you with that. I will get our support reach you out on the issue.

Yes, VLANs are supported.

I was just wondering why we had to have 4 NICs, seems like a restriction to me. If it were the other way, I would already have it installed, and running, then I could open it up later. I was specifically asking about VLAN trunking, where I can run several VLANs on the same NIC, I know it seems obvious, but it seems that many want different NIC’s for each VLAN, which makes me think that is the case here since 4 NICs are a requirement, hence the question.

Same as me when trying to test.

Surely you should be able to specify your interfaces/ip’s during the installation and deployment phase as your do with pretty much every other software firewall on the market. I dont want to have to setup a 192.168.0.x network to test this, i want to be able to provide an IP on installation.

I did also think this, but as a test i set my Virtual Box nic as 192.168.0.x.

I was planning on installing from the ISO and dropping my NIC in to Host Only mode, however it seems that VBox has an issue with creating a new host only adapter on some machines running W10. Will have to test on my VM Ware workstation later. Be interesting to see how this compares to PfSense/VyOS.

Good work guys, sounds good!!!

currently we use IPFire that does all that you have listed, but yours have the added advantage of built in quality AV and good support.

looking forward to giving this a try.

Hi @flmsp,

Try to login now, using any browser that is connected to Dome firewall. From your LAN interface try typing