Dome Shield 1.9 Released!

We have just released Dome Shield 1.9, all previous versions are automatically updated to the latest version with no service interruptions at 05:30 AM EST, today.

What’s New:

  • Customizable Block Pages: This feature provides the ability to customize the block pages that users see when they visit a blocked category. Customization can be done by changing the message shown or by redirecting users to designated websites, based on the category rule, security rule and blacklist rule.
  • SSL Cert for Block Pages: Previously once an HTTPS site was blocked, there were sporadic issues shown on the block page showing HTTPS errors on browsers. Now by downloading and distributing the SSL Cert, you may overcome this issue forever.


  • Shield Widget for Comodo One Dashboard: Helps you to track Prevention and Web Access Overview of your customers without having to leave the Comodo One Dashboard. Shield Widget also shows you the events that require attention for covering loose ends in your boundary security.
  • New Advanced Threat Categories: With the introduction of our new ATP categories, Dome Shield becomes “the DNS-based security solution with the most diverse threat categories” in the market. Here are the recently added categories to Security Rules: Spyware, Webspam, Drive-by Downloads, Tor Nodes, P2P Nodes, Fake AV, Blackhole/Sinkhole Systems, VPN Servers, Mobile Threats, Known DDoS Sources, Bitcoin Related, PUA Domains, Remote Access Services, Self Signed SSL Sites, Domains with no MX record and Spam Sources.

What’s Coming Next:

  • Full Rebranding of Block Pages: This will help MSPs to show block pages to customers with their own logos.It will help MSPs to increase their brand awareness from their customer's point of view.
  • Dynamic IP Updater: Having non-static IP addresses will no longer be a problem for setting up Dome Shield for you customers anymore.
  • Mobile Phones Coverage: A method for enforcing mobile phone users to use Dome Shield on and off-premise will be introduced. It will help MSPs to provide security services with ease for mobile users.

We will keep you posted. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, feel free to ask below and don’t forget to set you DNS to -, it’s free ! .

Brilliant news!!! good work!

Great stuff! Will the enterprise clients get to rebrand the block pages as well?

Can you give any indication as to how the block will work on mobile, assuming its going to require a VPN connection?

Exactly! With the new release, the messages shown can be customized or you can redirect people to your own pages. And with the next release you will have ability of fully customizing it by replacing our logos with yours.

Spot on. We currently have the PC Agent (you can see under Objects > Roaming Agents) which works in a similar manner but it uses an encrypted DNS tunnnel instead of VPN. VPN is required for mobile phones as its’ not possible to set DNS over cellular connections. Once we launch this feature, you will have ability of creating granular rules per agent as well.

Wow… you guys just keep getting more and more awesome. Compared to so many other RMM/security companies out there it just seems to good to be true. I hope not! Thanks for all the hard work Bulut and team!

better believe it :wink:

And it will get even better…you ain’t seen nothing yet :wink: