[Dome Shield] General question on categories - update from phishing / mallware C&C


a very general question on the categories:
Do you update the categories by taking into account the new mallware / phishing campains ?

for example, is there a mechanism that update every hours the “mallware” category (in fact there is no “mallware” category) taking into account discovery of new url used by new mallware as command and control servers ?

that something that is provided by competitors and is very interesting from our point of view.

Hello @rbo ,

Thank you for your interest in Comodo Dome Shield. I have forwarded your information request to the appropriate staff and we will reach back to you with updates as soon as possible.

Hello @rbo ,

Comodo maintains a huge database of website URLs categorized as malware, botnet, phishing, high risk sites, spyware and anonymous proxies. This database is updated continuously. Dome Shield uses this database as a reference to implement security rules on networks.
Please take a look at Configure > Policy Settings > Security Rules.
Default Security Rule is applied from the moment you have switched to Dome Shield DNS and blocks phishing, malware and spyware sites.

I trust you, but to be honest, I would have really liked more details like a webpage of document explaining the different sources of mallware / botnet list.

And ok, I found the “Security Rules” (different than the “Category Rules”) with:
Malware , Botnet, Phishing, Anonymous Proxies , Spyware.

Hello @rbo

Comodo Secure DNS is what’s behind Dome Shield. More details can be found here: https://www.comodo.com/secure-dns/
Right now accessing sources of mallware / botnet list is not possible, but with our future releases we will bring forward new features and improved functionality.
Please bear with us and keep an eye on the product.


rbo had asked, “I would have really liked more details like a webpage of document explaining…” I agree, but in the category lists, how are the sites that are effected determined? As example if I wanted all sites like YouTube blocked, what category would I choose and what other sites are in the same category?

Hello @The_Silverback,

Good day, I created a support ticket for you to answer and assist you further with the category list. Thank you

Hi The_Silverback,

We are now preparing a website that explains how categories are determined. With the upcoming release of Dome Shield in August, we will be making major changes in Shield’s domain categorization and by using the website provided you will have chance of seeing category definitions, send us domains to be classified and test your domain blocking rules against every single category that you select.

Thank you for your efforts!!

The category list provides a very nice outline of how the classifications are being dealt with, as well as priorities for classification.
I do like the ability to add sites for classification. I ran one through to see and since the site was not in the system I got a corresponding message. Excellent!!
The test pages is a great feature for verification of proper setup.
I have one more thought that I would find useful and that is a searchable database that would return results without requesting review. There will be sites that have been entered, or maybe sites that one would feel fit into a grey area. That way they can see if and how they are classified and not necessarily request review. It would also allow some pier review of site classification if a site falls into a grey area.
Just my thoughts.