Dome Shield has not shown any computer activity

For the last few weeks the Dome Shield has not shown any computer activity.

Hi @gluba ,

We have created a support ticket on your case. We will communicate with you shortly for additional details in aid of resolving this matter.

Hi @gluba @Oliver_C , Was the matter solved?

I have deployed the agent to 4 PC’s and there is no activity being reported on the Dome Reporting tab ( or on the Dome section on my dashboard overview ) with one PC being connected for at least 12 Hrs over the past 72 Hrs.

The agent was deployed using the script provided on the portal. 3 had the DNS settings left as ’ automatically obtain DNS settings ’ on the network configuration setting but 1 had it set to & ? This machine worked fine until the past 2 weeks and this has also stopped reporting.

With the other 3 PC’s I have also tried by running the script provided on the portal, to set the DNS to use the ITSM settings and they have never reported any activity ?

@bob-sawyer, we have created a ticket for this issue as we need some information from your account. Kindly reply to the email. Thanks.