[Dome Shield] incompatibility with captive portals ?


Continuing to test the function,
I’ve been to a colleague company HQ who have Open Wifi Hotspot for visitors, like Hotel, when you start to connect to wifi you are automatically redirected to a captive portal.

on the computer where Comodo Shield was configured, impossible to access this portal and connect through this wifi, tried on the smartphone without problem.

I suppose it’s a limitation of the way it works ?

If I want to keep my users able to connect to public hotspots like Hotels, I can’t use the Dome Shield in parallel ?

Hello @rbo ,

Do you have the Dome Shield Agent installed on that computer?
For this type of scenario you should have the Shield Agent installed.

yes it was the case.

Hello @rbo

We will escalate your case and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Hi @rbo . We would like you to know that the latest Dome Shield release now includes Captive Portal Sensing. To check out the other new features, please follow this link.


Thank you.