Dome Shield missing companies

I’m posting this here to hopefully get the attention of the developers as I’ve had a ticket logged for weeks now and despite repeated requests for updates, i’m getting nothing.

Basically, there appears to have been an update at some point in the past which has broken the link between my C1 platform and my Dome Shield application. Basically, under the MSP Customers, i have customers up unitl about 3 months ago, then new customers added after this are not appearing in Dome Shield, whihc means we cannot create them Roaming Agents or Networks.

The ticket number is [#PLJ-897-97180]

@curatrix_pl ,

We have urgently asked a priority update on your reported issue. We thank for your patience.

Hello im having the same problem can you help me thank you!

Hi @duarte236, a support ticket has been made for you with regard to this concern. Kindly reply on your convenience for us to resolve the issue.