Dome Shield PlatInum Reports


I would like to know if it is possible to retrieve data/reports in Dome Shield for more than just 7 days (or 10,000 logs with the log viewer). I apologize if I missed this in the guides somewhere but I cannot seem to find anything on it.

I am moving moving to start using the local resolver VM, perhaps that will allow retrieval of logs past 7 days? Ideally I’d like to have it for 1 month as I include this type of data in my monthly Executive reports for clients.

Thank you

I was thinking the same thing in regards to at least 30 days of logs or better yet daily, weekly, monthly quarterly.

Hello @eztech and @libretech ,

Kindly check this help guide. If you click on one of the sections, you will be able to select a time period for which one retrieve.…view-logs.html

Hope this helps.

Time Interval.png

Yes I’ve tried that many times but does not retrieve history after 10,000 records. My question is, officially how far back can history go. Is 10,000 the max across the board (which is bascially 7 days). Can it be increased?

Hello @eztech,

We have requested further information to our development team and we will relay the gathered details via this forum page. Thank you

Our Development team confirmed that this is a technical limitation on our end.