Doubt about remote control new( Comodo remote control)

Hello and good day to all i just veryfied that there is a new program for remote access wich has replaced CVV , i have instaled it in my pc and i have tried to remotely access to diferent machines with sucsess , but when i try to remote my own pc i can´t do it there is a messsage saying that target is offline or inacessible not (registred on xmpp) does anyone knows what is going on thank you !

now i have rsp conetion error

Here it the screenshot

Hello, I have the same problem. After updating Comodo Remote Control, I received “…target is offline or inacessible not (registred on xmpp)” error. To solve the problem I had to enroll those devices from scratch. Is it normal ?


Hello @Luca_Rasca

CCV means Comodo Client Viewer.
Regarding your issue, we have created a ticket for you.
Thank you for your patience.

Oh I’m having this issue today too, what did you find to the best solution? I don’t want to have to re-enroll all my endpoints, there are quite a few.

@indieserve We’ll create a ticket for you for this issue.