Doubt about windows defender firewall/ Comodo Client Security Firewall

Good day to all today i have installed C.C.S latest version 12,2,0,8121 in my pc , in my profile section in I.T.S.M i have firewall enabled , but in my pc windows firewall is also enabled , my question is shouldn`t windows frewall be disabled in my pc since i have the comodo firewall enabled in my profile at I.T.S.M , or is this normal behavior? .If someone could clarify i would be apreceated thank you !

Just my thoughts here but Comodo security doesn’t enforce the disabling of windows defender; nor should it.

You can choose to disable windows defender based on your network profile; such as being disabled while on work domain; or private wifi; but enabled on public/guest hotspots etc…that is a local policy choice really.

if Comodo were to interfere with that it would create issues with the proper use of GPO’s and structured local policies that rightfully belong in the hands of the consumer.

You can however choose to have your windows defender firewall disabled as you choose. utilizing firewall control settings

Control Panel\System and Security\Windows Defender Firewall\Customize Settings

Thank you very much for your clarification ! ,Have a nice day !