Download a file, move into specified folder and send email on success/failure

There already exists a script that does most of this request (“Download a file from an HTTP URL and copy to a specified folder on the endpoint”), but when running it against a large number of endpoints it is hard to verify if it actually succeeded without going into the procedure execution logs and opening each entry manually, which takes a long time.

I would like a script that does exactly what the previously mentioned script does, but when it either succeeds or fails, it sends an email to us so we know which endpoints we have to investigate.


@at211 ,

Would this incoming release make things easier for you? We’ll have the capability of transferring files via remote tool

Could I use it to move a file to all of my endpoints at once? If not, then it would not be useful in my case.

For more detail: Sometimes we need to push new or updated Crystal Reports files to 100+ endpoints. We can host these files online, and use the script I mentioned in my first post to make each endpoint get the files and put them in the relevant directory, but we need a way to know if the operation succeeded or not for every endpoint. All our endpoints need to be running the same version of the reports, so if some do not get the updated file for some reason and we do not know about it, that causes problems.

Is there a way use remote file transfer to copy a file to multiple endpoints or a whole group?

For what it’s worth, since my previous correspondence on this thread, there have been some changes to the platform that make all this possible in a simpler way.

I don’t believe what you’re looking for is possible via the remote file transfer tool. What I do for this is to use the procedure I described above to download the file(s) as a zip file file from a web server I manage, and extract the zip to the required destination folder(s) on the target machine. What’s changed since my last post is that now the platform lets you target procedures at specific groups, so I can target a group of our offsite host machines only. And now the platform natively supports the emailing of procedure run reports, so I got notified as each machine gets the files, or fails for whatever reason. I do wish those reports would include the same script output as what you can view in the execution logs in the portal, but that’s another topic.

The combination of the above has been working out pretty well, even if it is still a bit clunky.