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Hi Support,

Can you please help me create a script to download a file from FTP to a specific folder in C: Drive in Endpoint?


Hi @alfie013 ,

Thanks for your request we will analyze and provide you an update.

Thank You

Hi @alfie013

Please refer the attached JSON file to download the file from FTP to a specific folder in C: Drive.

Input parameter:

HOST = ‘’ #Provide Your FTP Server Address.
DIRN = ‘New folder/’ #Provide the Path of the File to be Copied. If the file not in specified folder give it as ( DIRN = ’ ’ )
filematch = ‘xyz.dll’ #Provide the file name with extension.
username = xxxxx’ #Provide Your FTP Server User Name.
password = ‘yyyyy’ #Provide Your FTP Server Password.
storetodir=‘C:\Users\fortnite\Downloads\New folder/’ # provide the Destination path to store the files.


Run the script as a system user.

Let us Know your feedback.

Thank you.

20180827-ftp-download-files.json (2.84 KB)