Download old versions of ITSM agent?

I’ve got a client machine that’s running version 6.19 of the agent. I’ve tried to update it several times over a, couple of months, and it always fails. I’ve rebooted it, as I’ve noticed that if Windows updates are waiting for a reboot, then ITSM and CIS updates won’t run, which isn’t surprising.

Anyway, after getting sick of it always showing the old version, despite my update attempts, I logged onto the machine and had a look to see what was happening. There are several MSIxxxxx.log files in %TEMP% that state that the old version of ITSM couldn’t be uninstalled.
If I try to uninstall it through the Windows control panel, it asks for an ITSM.msi file in the default directory of C:\ProgramData\COMODO\Comodo ITSM\

But, the ITSM.msi file in this folder is for 6.24. It looks like an update broke, somewhere along the line, and it downloaded the new msi, deleted the old one, but didn’t properly uninstall the old one before it deleted the old msi.
So now, I’m stuck with an old version of ITSM that can’t be uninstalled, and that can’t be updated.
Could you create a download archive of generic MSI files for old versions so that anybody else who has this problem (or any other need for an old msi version) can fix it easily, without using the no-longer-supported MSI cleanup utility from Microsoft?


Yes I had a similar issue and would also like a copy of that as well.


We understand that this had been a “head-scratching” experience. The normal course of action we undertake on this scenario is to ensure an auto-update setting enforced on the profile for the ITSM Agent (Communication Client) Updates / Communication Client/ Update Frequency / Daily (default).
If for some reason the update got stalled, stopped or got corrupted, we can try…led-or-removed in removing remnants of the ITSM Agent. (even a dead icon might influence the ITSM agents’ removal) Once this process completes, a new version of the ITSM Agent can be pushed from the portal. We thank you for sharing your request. We have Coordinated with our Product Developers on this request. We’ll make sure to provide you with their feedback. @reinamsp we’ll add you on this request as well