Dual Extension - avoid this kind of control ?


I would like to remove the dual extension lock on antivirus.

Currently, Comodo is blocking opening of dual extension files (confidential.docx.exe), unfortunately, we usually receive encrypted archives with this kind of format,
except by disabling antivirus… I did not find a way to enable this.


Hi @rbo ,

Thank you for reporting this case, we will further investigate this issue and we will get back to you as soon as possible through email.

Hello @rbo,

We have been informed by our development team that files with dual extension is detected by heuristics analysis.

You can disable it by disabling “use heuristics scanning” option:

Let us know if the above information has been helpful.

2nd proposal to use a secure folder made me think about the “Shared Space” comodo function,
I will reenable icon, do some test. Finally it could be good to use it and document to all my users
if you have some good awareness matetrials with pictures explaining how to use Shared Space…

PS: It would be very good to be able to “customize” Shared Space, at least name, and folder path
Name is good from COMODO Dev team (its a “shared space” between sandbox “Kiosk” comodo module and userland) but
not from a end user point of view… I would have named it “Virus Proof Folder”, or “Not Trusted Folder” :wink:

@rbo ,

We appreciate your suggestion in having a customized approach on shared space. we have seen similar requests for this query and we’ll be glad to add you as well to the request.

Here are a couple of help guide links for Shared Space