Duplicate Emails Allowed

Do you know your system takes duplicate emails for users and even admin and a user account can share an email address?

Was this done purposely and if so, why?, so I can better understand the system as a whole.

Thank You

Hello @azon2111 ,

What is the section in Comodo One that you are talking about?

This issue was in the ITSM section. You could create a user account with same email as an admin account for portal.

Sorry for the delay on this, I didn’t get an email letting me know you had replied. Thanks for the follow up.

I should clarify that you can create 2 users with the SAME email address. you can recreate this issue but creating a user account with same email as one that already exists.

Just tested this again and I have 4 accounts created with same email address, I would make note that it appears you need 2 accounts if you want to be both an admin and a user?? Or can an Admin also be the owner of devices same as the “User” account types?

Also within ITSM I see 3 users listed in the administrators role and they are listed 5 times each???

Hello @azon2111 ,

It’s possible to create multiple users (with different names) with the same e-mail address; you might want, for example, to be able to use the same email address under different Companies and for users with different roles.

So if email is not the unique ID what is the unique ID? In other words, how do you tell from user to the next during a log into the portals??

umm yeah, enter the same email address like 10 times with different names, then assign a mixture of user and admin rights, start removing and reassigning those rights and then go to the roles management section and see what kind of mess appears and tell me how you tell what is going on, lol. I even have one user assigned to admin role that I cannot do anything with, no link were it should say remove from role, just stuck there in space. Not sure that allowing multiple user accounts with the same email address is a good idea, but maybe you tell me about a use case? Thanks.

Hello @azon2111 ,

The unique ID is the USERNAME field. You can create several users with the same email address, but they must have different usernames. This feature would be useful for example when you want to create several users under an email address that you have access to then provide these users credentials to different people. As Dylan stated above, these users can have different roles, therefore the persons that will use the credentials will have different access levels to ITSM dashboard.

Then something must be wrong with mine because if I go to ITSM and the settings and then Role Management and click administrators I see a list of the same user names 5 times each for 3 users.

Hello @azon2111 ,

This could be an issue with your account. We will contact you over email in order to get everything we need to escalate the case.

Any news on this issue with my account? thank you.

Hello @azon2111 ,

We don’t have any updates on this case yet. We have inquired the developers for an update and we will get back to you as soon as we have any news on this case.

We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter!

Okay, I haven’t heard back from anyone on this on quite some time. I can tell you this much. For every company that you have in the system plus the msp itself it will create an entry into the roles section for each staff you have minus the “account admin for C1” (I call this the C1 Super Admin since it has all the real rights). I just created a brand new staff member as I tried removing the role from my account in the list for every entry it appeared and it actually locked me out of ITSM completely so I created a new staff with admin rights and restored my settings which is when I realized that the new staff member had all the dupe entries as well. Clearly there is a reason for all of the entries that auto-gen there for staff as it must have to do with design. Maybe you can find out why and then ask for some form of filter of staff from list or a new column that lists the company names as well to help id the permissions.

Hello @azon2111 ,

Thank you for the feedback. We have contacted you by email regarding this issue. Looking forward to your reply there.

Hello @azon2111 ,

We would like to inform you that this has been corrected in the backend.
Please let us know if you still observe multiple entries of the Administrators roles being created.