Dynamic IP

If we have dynamic IP address gived by internet-provider - how we should setup Dome?

Hello @Sergey

Usually the dynamic Ip is given from within a range, so you would be able to add the range in Dome, and that would allow your devices from that network to still connect.
The better option would be to ask for a static IP address or at least the ones that would be assigned to you (let’s say for example 10 or 20 IP addresses)


I am testing Comodo Dome, you can set for example an option that instead of having an IP registred on the Comodo Dome setting Network, set a Host Name that will resolve to the actual IP by using many of the online providers like dyndns and others. This setting can be configured on the router.

I can confirm I am testing Comodo Dome Shield with dynamic IP host names (via no-ip.com) and having no issues.