Easier Dashboard Navigation.

In windows explorer if one is in a location one can easily go back/up one level. For example:

D:\My Documents\Dog\Puppy Shots

Thus, If I am in Puppy Shots folder I can click on Dog in the address bar and move up one level to that folder. Or click on My Documents and move up two levels to that folder.

But in the Comodo One dash board one cannot to this. This wastes a lot of key strokes/mouse clicks to get from a device to the next device for the same customer.

For example:
Device List - BFO WKS06 (where BFO WKS06 is an endpoint custom name)

The only way back to the customer, BFO in this case, and move to another endpoint for BFO customer is to go back to device list and start over.

Much better to click BFO in the address/navigation bar to reach the next endpoint in that customer group.

Hello @freesys
We truly understand your concern here with the ‘breadcrumb’ navigation in the ITSM. The product development team has already included in the product roadmap the improvement of the ITSM navigation.