EDR causing excel files to save very slowly

When EDR is installed on a server it causes office files to save extreamly slowly, i have noticed this on excel and word

A ticket opened for your case. I will let you know about the progress.

Test environment: Windows Server edition 2012
EDR agent version:

The case could’t be reproduced in this environment.

What is your OS and agent version?

Hi i am running EDR agent and server 2016 standard, i also had it installed on a server 2008r2 as soon as i removed the EDR client the speed when saving office docs returned to normal

Hi i thought i would try installing EDR again to see if this bug has been resolved in the updates that have happened since i stopped using it because i really like the idea of what this service can offer.

However i still seem to have this issue i am using version of the client software, every time i try to save an excel or word document back to a server that has the EDR client installed on it i get the saving progress bar appear on screen and it takes about a minute to save the file, this is just a simple excel file with 1,2,3,4 in it so its not a massively complex file.

As soon as i uninstall EDR it back to normal again in fact you don’t even see the save progress bar it is.

I’m happy to provide any logs to help fix this issue. as with my previous posts above i have tried this on Server 2016 Standard and 2008R2.

Many thanks

Hi marknsg,

Can we setup a remote session? We could not reproduce this issue. May be some interference with any other agents or plugins. We could not reproduce it

Yes i can arrange a remote session for you to have a look, this is a new install of server 2016 so there is very little installed on it, the 2008r2 server is quite old and is going to be retired soon so i’m not to worried about that one.

@marknsg I brought this issue up also sometime last year in my early stages of rolling out EDR I’ve uninstalled from all servers and haven’t tried it since it would be great to have this working on servers.

We just began deploying EDR and experienced the exact same issue on all three networks we deployed.

@EAH ,

We are saddened to hear of your report. We would like to assist by investigating its root cause with the help of our Development Team. Please check your forum registered email for some details we might need for investigation.