EDR Install removed ESET

Installing EDR endpoint onto a machine with ESET, removed the ESET AV?

To prevent any potential conflict or if you are testing Comodo EDR and want to make sure that it is not influenced by other security applications, removing ESET will be recommended @rockowwc.

I didnt remove it… It appears EDR did it during the install by itself…
Does EDR conflict with CSS as well?


cWatch EDR agent version 1.258.3 has been tested against ESET and Norton and they worked fine alongside. No uninstalling or crashes have occured.

I also had this happen to me, installing cwatch edr removed my version of ESET File Security v7

Which version did you have the problem?

I just opened a ticket for testers to see if it can be reproduced with the current version or not. I will let you know about the results.

Hi i am using v of the edr client and v 7.0.12014.0 of ESET file seurity

The issue has been fixed for EDR agent version It will very soon be on production.