EM WiFi Password Change

I am having an issue with some android devices and changing the WiFi Password within Endpoint Manager. Before I do this company wide I set up some test devices to see how the password change would take.

I go into the profile and to the WiFi section where the ssid is, open up the current ssid and change the WiFi password. What I expect to happen is the tablet will receive the new password info and store it then disconnect from the network since the password is now different, when I update the WiFi password on the access point it should then be able to reconnect.

This worked flawlessly on two symbol tc700 barcode scanners running android 5.1.1 but on my Galaxy Tab A(T377A Android 6.0.1), Galaxy Tab A(T350 Android 7.1.1) and Galaxy Tab E(T560NU Android 7.1.1) the password does not update in the saved wifi networks on the tablet and stays connected to the Wifi. Even if I just delete the SSID completely from the EM Profile it does not get removed from the Galaxy tablets and they stay connected.

Does anyone have any ideas or can help me to get this working? Being able to change the WiFi password across all our devices centrally is a big part of the reason we are using Comodo/Itarian. Thanks.

Hello @AndroidID
We created a support ticket to further investigate your concern with the Wi-Fi settings of the Android profile. Feel free to reply at your convenience.