Email notifications from the forum - is it working?

Is anyone receiving emailed notifications from the forum?

@nct ,

May we know what notifications are you pertaining to?

As an example

new post in your Forum Post subscription: Messages
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Comodo ONE Forum <>
Sun 20/08/2017 20:26
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Dear nct,

Joners has made a new post under

The discussion is located at:

Here is the message that has been posted:

Any word on a fix yet? Its been over 2 weeks now.

All the best,
Comodo ONE Forum

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No, I haven’t and is on my spam filter’s allow list.

@Damon C , yes it is on.

Any update yet?

Ive never had any updates from here which is a pain

Hello @StrobeTech
We surely do not want anyone to be left out with any updates about this email notifications issue. Rest assured though that Comodo is committed to your satisfaction and we in C1 Support will work with the appropriate team to ensure the best possible response. As of this posting, we are still waiting for new updates about the said issue. Please bear with us as we do our best to put the forum/email notifications back to its regular functionality.

I’ve been receiving loads of old notifications over the last couple of days. Is there a fault?

Hi @nct ,

Thank you for letting us know on the other hand we are aware of the situation and we are working very hard to resolve this as quickly as possible.

Still never received a single email from this platform meaning im missing out on lots

Hi @StrobeTech ,

Thank you for letting us know. We will create a ticket and have it forwarded to the with the appropriate team to ensure the best possible and timely response.

Hello @StrobeTech,

Our team that is working on the issue applied a solution on your account regarding the issue of receiving the email notification. May we request to check again if the issue still persist? Thank you

We have an open ticket for this too which is constantly ignored!
[#MSG-477-18723]: Email Notification in Forum

It’s currently trying to be closed.