Email setup questions


I’m looking at the service desk tool and I have some questions.

The email settings say that we can use an internal trigger if an agent is logged on, or an external trigger using a cron service.

What URL should we use if we choose to use an external cron service? Typically they need to check a web URL to action the trigger.

Also, does anyone know if the mailbox supports Google Apps?


Hi Olly,

Which menu specifically you are looking at?

Best regards,

I’d like to tell you but I’m getting a 404 error opening the Service Desk module at the moment.

It was in the admin section. I’ll check more later when it’s back up and working.

We upgraded our systems during those minutes. you might see a glitch. could you please try again and let us know?

Still seeing issues. Cant get on to RMM and service desk says "Could not find config file for “undefined”

Any suggestions?

Hi Oliver,

I believe, if you chose that option it will automatically fetch emails in certain time intervals.

Regading “mailbox supports Google Apps?” We tested it with Gmail and it works, let us know if you see any problem.

Best regards,